If you're a business with a physical product, the most important part of the customer journey is the their experience when first receiving their order. Ensure your packaging design is eye catching and cohesive to the rest of your branding so they return, not just for another order, but for the incredible experience they had with your business.

Please see below the printed design services I offer, these can be purchased either as a one-off or included in a seasonal retainer.


Whether you’re a business that needs a seasonal lookbook or you’re launching a new product that you need some eye catching packaging designed for, look no further.

We can work together on -
- Lookbook, product catalogue or gift guide
- Swing tag or label design
- Gift cards, thank you cards, business cards or loyalty cards
- Packaging design

The above can be purchased as a one off or be included in a seasonal retainer.

Imogen was amazing at putting my ideas together to create such beautiful branding my business, she took the sort of thing I wanted, put her magical spin on it and made it better than I could have ever imagined! 

- Paww Patrol

Are you looking for a mini rebrand or a new visual identity on your Instagram but you're time poor?! Day Dream is for you!

Book in for my Day Dream service and in 8 hours, in 1 day or split over 2, you'll have all of those boxes ticked on your to do list.