Ensure to captivate your dream customer with eye catching designs on your website, social media and newsletters that are consistent and represent your brand to a tee.

Please see below the digital design services I offer, these can be purchased either as a one-off or included in a monthly retainer.

digital design

Social media is taking over, ensure you continue to stay ahead of the curve by having eye catching social media graphics so no consumer will mindlessly scroll past your content again!

 We can work together on -
- Instagram story and feed templates
- Highlight covers
- Instagram feed plan

Perfect for fashion, jewellery, beauty and lifestyle businesses.

We all receive boring, deletable emails from brands we love and engage with on a regular basis. The problem is, their email content either doesn’t work cohesively with the brand aesthetic or the content just isn’t compelling enough. Don’t allow that to happen to your business.
We can work together on a monthly basis to create marketing emails to captivate and engage your audience, leading to more brand knowledge, trust and therefore sales.

Perfect for fashion, jewellery, beauty and lifestyle businesses.

"Building strong Mailchimp newsletters in-house was a real pain point for us – and now we feel there aren’t creative limitations on us."


There’s nothing worse than your consumer clicking on to your website and seeing the same tired banner that’s been on your to do list to change for the last 3 months.
Inspire your consumers every time they click on your website with regular website banner refreshes.

Perfect for fashion, jewellery, beauty and lifestyle businesses.

Are you looking for a mini rebrand or a new visual identity on your Instagram but you're time poor?! Day Dream is for you!

Book in for my Day Dream service and in 8 hours, in 1 day or split over 2, you'll have all of those boxes ticked on your to do list.